About US


Arihant Enterprises is a diversified global conglomerate providing integrated design engineering services in Process Industries especially in Bearings and Automobile Segments, where cleanliness of oil is of utmost importance. Arihant Enterprises claims to attain the cleanliness level of NAS LEVEL 2 GRADE. We also provide a diverse range of filtration solutions of all types of oil i.e hydraulic, honing, quenching and washing oil with automation and air filtration for all types of Process Industries. Besides this Arihant Enterprises makes a complete solution with washing and oiling machines as per customer requirement with a filtration system to attain NAS LEVEL 2 GRADE.


We strive to become a model of tomorrow‟s company – applying best practice in everything we do, creating a working environment that stimulates great ideas and rewards achievements, acting with honesty and integrity in our dealings with clients and suppliers. We recognize that to be a successful and sustainable company in today's business world, we need to do more than simply deliver high-quality services, or secure healthy revenue streams. Collaboration between different competences within the company enables us to peel down a problem to its core to arrive at the most comprehensive solution. This applies to all projects, from a single product up to complete turnkey plants.

Our philosophy at Arihant Enterprises is based around “Rational Processes”; in that, a client‟s technical requirements, expectations, budget, time scale are analyzed, and only then, we propose a solution, enabling us to deliver truly the best value proposition for the client‟s needs. Arihant Enterprises prides in being flexible and attuned to a customer‟s needs and can take up responsibilities covering the entire spectrum of consultancy to EPC contract including supply of critical spare parts.

To be among the top ten EPC companies in the segments and markets we serve by 2020.

We will deliver reliable, high-quality solutions for all our clients, always ensuring that integrity, safety and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do.

To realize our vision and mission, we always turn to the corporate values that we hold dear. We will live and deliver these values with uncompromising commitment to safety and sustainability.

We are here to make a valuable difference to our stakeholders and we will make it happen against all odds

We are differentiated by our „Can Do‟ attitude and the fire in our belly

We can gain from our business domains by sharing knowledge and resources to achieve individual and collective success

We understand stakeholder needs and respond with speed and precision

We are trustworthy and reliable, in both thought and action. Our stakeholders can count on us to deliver, always.