Filtration Cartridges

Filtration Cartridges

A Comprehensive Range of Cartridges and Media for Filtration Systems.

Construction Of Cartridge - Resin Bonded Cellulose Melamine.


  • Graded Density Construction
  • Ridged Filters - Consistent Quality, No Particle Unloading.
  • Wide Chemical Compatibility.
  • Can Withstand up to 1200 C.
  • 10 Inch to 40 Inch Length
  • From 50u to <1u.


  • Synthetic Oil
  • Transformer Oil, Neat Cutting Oil (Honing | Grinding | etc)
  • Test Rig Oil, Lubricating Oil
  • Industrial Solvents, Petroleum Fuels
  • Transmission Oil
  • Water, Water Based Emulsionsand Other.